Dad Thighs – The Ghosts That I Fear

  • Dad Thighs – The Ghosts That I Fear

Dad Thighs – The Ghosts That I Fear

“The spoken word sections are reminiscent of early math rock/post rock bands like Slint and Rodan but manage not to come off as sounding contrived or wallowing in any 90’s nostalgia; there’s genuine passion here and a surprising versatility. Tracks like ‘The Rain it Raineth’ are driven by the same heavy rhythm guitar of bands like ISIS which is a great counterpoint to the tense and minimalistic spoken word tracks like ‘Everyday’.” – Fridgefeed

“We go from soft melodies to a dark hardcore reminiscent of the Toronto band La Luna. Strongly present female vocals that go from reciting words, to harsh screams, with a soft clean voice in between and sometimes accompanied by male backing vocals. Not only their music, but also their aesthetic reminds me of the post-hardcore band Yaphet Kotto, a classic in the underground punk scene.” – DIY Conspiracy

“そしてバーストした時のガーッと上がってくる感じがもう堪りません… めちゃくそ激なエモです 最高です こういうの好きで良かった…” – Melancholy Youth

Every tape comes with a lyric zine and a digital download of the album.

Track Listing

  1. Going To The Dump To Watch The Bears (part one)
  2. Going To The Dump To Watch The Bears (part two)
  3. Regarding The Walmart Parking Lot On 88th Street
  4. The Rain It Raineth
  5. Everyday
  6. Of Summer
  7. My Favourite Valentine
  8. The Ghost that Desires Is Left With Nothing but Someone Else's Dream
  9. Sometimes

Pressing Information

1st run of 100 tapes (Sold Out)
50 opaque pink
50 red glitter

2nd run of 100 tapes (Sold Out)
50 light transparent pink
50 moderately darker transparent pink

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