The Final Girl - dad thighs/Great Weights/Stay Inside Digital


Drawn together over the internet via their mutual respect and admiration for one another, Stay Inside, Great Weights, and Dad Thighs knew a joint effort was inevitable. The Final Girl is a sonic passage through the members’ pasts, promoting resilience and resistance in the face of their genre’s violent predecessors. Dissonant chords and compelling vocals call out the objectification and abuse of women in the music industry, hammering the final nail in the coffin of the early 2000’s post-hardcore scene. Although brief, the album is concise and brutal; condemning and tearing down the walls surrounding the music that transformed them as young fans.


  1. iwrotehaikusabouttheladsinyouryearbook
  2. 490
  3. Puritans
Pressing Information

First Press: 50 transparent pink, 50 black

All physical items come with a digital version.

Stay Inside's bundle includes a black FG tape and a transparent purple TSEUATLGO tape.

dad thighs' bundle includes a split transparent pink tape and an opaque lavender Easy Listening tape.

The "Big Old Press Records Bundle" include both FG tapes, dad thigh's Easy Listening on opaque lavender, and opaque silver and transparent purple versions of Stay Inside's TSEUATLGO, as well as their CD