Pity Party - Gnarbage All


“Pity Party’s latest album Gnarbage has everything from the palm muted guitar verses to the soaring chorus. You can find tight drums, awesome lyrics, and hooks on hooks on hooks on hooks on hooks.” – The Le Sigh

Pity Party’s first full length LP. On pink and clear or black vinyl with a laser etched b-side. You can see the laser etched b-side better on the black records, but it looks cooler when you’re playing the record on the pink version. The obvious solution: get both.


  1. Peter Frampton (From East Oakland)
  2. Booze Cruise
  3. Nightmare On Oak Street
  4. Waste Of Life
  5. Suicide Handbook
  6. Nick's Birthday Song
  7. DIY Bungee Jumping
  8. Dustin Appreciation Hour
  9. Mama, I Can Save Us Both
  10. Party Stops
  11. Gnarbage
Pressing Information

Translucent Pink: 350
Black: 155