Seaholm - I Thought It'd Be Funny All


"I Thought It’d Be Funny" is a a break neck paced introspection into past relationships and how they have evolved. The 4-track EP is a stylistic departure from Seahom’s first album "Stay Young Forever," trading moody, twinkly emo for fast, powerful, high energy power pop. The songs were written steadily over the past year as they were played them live on tour and at home, before eventually recording them at Summit House Studios in Brighton, Michigan.


  1. Title Track pt.2
  2. Cough Syrup
  3. Is There Pizza In Hell
  4. Black Vans
Pressing Information

First run of tapes: 55 Transparent Turquoise, 53 Opaque Turquoise"

All Tapes and CDs come with one digital download

"Home" is a bonus track only available on the physical media and is not included in the digital download