Mental Architects – Ascend Cassette


“Mental Architects brings in many comparisons, ranging from math rock, post rock and post metal aesthetics, but in their adventurous, technical, urgent, dense, and ambient music they have produced something that is very much their own.” Idioteq

“A driving, upbeat ascent, punctuated by the peak (literally, the song they wrote and recorded on the peak of a mountain), followed by a descent, which is mimicked in the slower, droning nature of the last tracks.” Fecking Bahamas


  1. Honed
  2. Talus
  3. Scree
  4. Cairn
  5. Lakes
  6. The Crux
  7. Dyno
  8. Ascend
  9. Descend
  10. Screamer
  11. Crank
  12. Alpine
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