Superdose Gangway – Monsoon Season Cassette


After spending the last year writing, recording and releasing new songs every fortnight for their ‘Twenty-Six Songs in Twenty-Sixteen’ project, the new best-of mixtape features ten of the band’s favorite tracks re-worked, re-mixed and re-mastered for digital download and a limited batch of cassettes.

After forming as the result of a shared love of emo revivalists The Hotelier, Into It. Over It. and Tiny Moving Parts, Superdose Gangway wasted no time asserting a strong DIY ethic and a passion for writing new music. Vocalist and guitarist, Max Tulysewski, described the 26 songs project as “extremely exhausting, we learnt so much and improved so quickly, every spare afternoon, evening and weekend was spent together in my bedroom studio writing and recording.” The band’s hard work paid off, receiving attention on Triple J Unearthed, with Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe saying, “there’s moments of utter haywire as noise ricochets all around, then this sweeter and awkward break. I think that’s a good thing because these guys are going to keep you guessing.”


  1. Everything's Coming Up Sidedown
  2. Until One of Us Dies (Raccoon & Armadillo Pt. 1)
  3. Void of All Reason (Raccoon & Armadillo Pt. 2)
  4. Kitten Kong
  5. Quixote
  6. Loss of Autumn, Joy of Spring
  7. People Person
  8. His Bed is a Conveyor Belt, Mine is a Race Car
  9. Romance O​.​N​.​O.
  10. Now You've Grown out of Me, I Hope I'm Not a Bad Memory
Pressing Information

100 tapes of SDGW’s first LP, but a bunch of them went to Australia! Every tape comes with a digital download of the album.

50 Teal
50 Brown